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  1. Unless otherwise specified, all Chemcrest Inc. products are decorative only. Chemcrest Inc. polyurethane products are handled in the same manner as is wood. Use the same basic tools as the carpentry trade. Never install Chemcrest Inc. products using mechanical fasteners only. All Chemcrest Inc. products must be installed using an approved polyurethane based adhesive on all contact surfaces in addition to mechanical fasteners such as nails, screws, bolts, etc. Remove excess adhesive immediately! Countersink all mechanical fasteners and patch the holes with any interior/exterior non-shrinking patching compound such as spackle or plastic wood filler. Prime and paint to finish as required with a high quality 100% Acrylic Latex paint. (Use Gel stains to bring out the natural wood look of our wood grained products).

  2. Moulding Installation: Mouldings should be mitered for Inside and Outside corners and compression butt-jointed on straight applications. Chemcrest Inc. recommends that before any adhesive is applied, cut and dry fit the entire room or project.

    Begin in the most inconspicuous inside corner of the room and work around the room matching the pattern at each corner. Eventually you will end up back at your starting point where it may not be possible to match the pattern. Compression joints are accomplished by installing the moulding in a space slightly shorter than the actual moulding length (approx. 1⁄4" shorter over a 12' piece). After a generous amount of polyurethane based adhesive has been applied to all contact surfaces, attach each end of the moulding to your substrate first, causing a slight outward bowing. Once each end has been securely fastened, apply pressure to the center of the moulding “snapping” the moulding against the wall. Add additional mechanical fasteners to secure the moulding to your substrate. Finish as specified in 1 above.

  3. Column Installation: Chemcrest Inc. columns are non-structural. They can be ordered pre-assembled or split in two vertical halves for easy installation on your project. Chemcrest Inc. columns can be installed over existing load bearing structures or can be used as non-load bearing decorative accents. There are several installation techniques used depending on the job site circumstances. Following are two of the most practiced methods.

    Pre-assembled Columns: These columns are already moulded into finished columns with the base shipped loose. Measure the overall height that you need to fill and cut the column shaft so that with the cap and base installed, the combined unit will fit snugly into your opening. Be sure to use plenty of polyurethane based adhesive to join the cap and base to the column shaft. Secure the completed column using mechanical fasteners, and patch the holes using an interior/exterior non-shrinking patching compound. Use a paintable latex caulking to finish the seams between the substrate and the cap and base. Prime and paint as required.

    Split Columns: When installing split columns over existing structural supports, first cut the base and cap (if provided) in half, and cope them to fit loosely around the structural support. Use mechanical fasteners and plenty of polyurethane based adhesive on both halves of the cap and base and the ceiling and floor. Measure the distance between the mounted cap and base, and cut each column half appropriately. Assemble the two half shafts around the structural support using the same adhesive. Both screws and air nails can be used to hold the two halves together until the adhesive has set. Remove excess adhesive immediately! After 24 – 48 hours, the adhesive will be set and the columns can be seamed using an interior/exterior non-shrinking wood filler or body filler. Sand, prime and paint as required.


  1. All non-woodgrain Chemcrest Inc. polyurethane products are supplied with a white double primer coat ready for customer applied finish top coat. High quality 100% Acrylic Latex paint may be used. Some Chemcrest Inc. products are stainable with a gelled stain and are identified as “Wood Grain”. All woodgrain products may have a tan primer coat at the customer’s request.