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Niches Installations

Step 1:

Position cardboard template (provided with your wall niche) on wall, in desired position.

Note: Ensure the template is centered between wall studs.

Tip: Use a "stud-finder" to locate studs to prevent incorrect positioning of template.

Step 2:

Trace around template with a pencil onto drywall or wall paneling.

Step 3:

Use a drywall knife or saw to cut through the drywall or paneling.

Note: It is not very important that the cut be very neat as the niche “casing” will hide all cut lines.

Step 4:

Use a drywall knife or saw to cut through the drywall or paneling.

Tip: Use a level on the “sill” of the niche to ensure that it is sitting level; If not, use the drywall knife to level the bottom of the opening.

Step 5:

Remove the niche and lay a bead of adhesive down the center of the backside of the “casing”.

Step 6:

Reposition niche into opening – ensuring niche is sitting level – and push casing against drywall to ensure adhesive touches the wall.

Step 7:

Nail through “casing” into the stud to fix niche into place while adhesive cures. Fill nail holes with wood putty or hole filler.

Step 8:

Paint with high quality 100% Acrylic Latex paint – or faux finish – your newly installed niche to match your home décor – or if you prefer, leave it as is!.

Download Niches Instruction PDF